Athlete Training

Athlete Training


We will help you set and achieve your sport performance goals. Through an extensive intake process, a sport analysis, a Movement Screen, and fitness testing we will coach you through a tailored training program.

This program could involve, but is not limited to: Conditioning protocols to improve sport-fitness, Strength and movement drills to improve stability, power and efficiency, Mobility drills to allow you more range to express your fitness as well as Recovery strategies such as specialized baths & nutrient-dense fuel choices.


Yes, we do prescribe sport-relevant training drills, but more importantly we prescribe drills that are specific to YOU and your weaknesses. This is based on the comprehensive assessments we do.   It is our job to round out your physical development and teach you HOW to train and HOW to be powerful through excellent instruction and specialized drills.

  • We can meet for training sessions as often as you like or as schedules allow.
  • We can provide you with homework to do on your own as well as customized conditioning programs.
  • We can do goal-setting skype appointments.
  • Everything is customized.

“Once the skills are acquired, then the training begins” – We do not design your program until we establish where you ARE and what skills you need to get to your goals.


To support athletes.

We have learned from some of the world’s best. We have travelled the globe and scoured the research.  We are forever restless in our quest for solid, results-driven methods.

At Human Motion Inc., work ethic, personal responsibility and a positive attitude are very important attributes that define our coaches and the clients involved in our programs. We expect you to not only improve physically, but to also develop a passion for training that is equivalent to your hunger for competition.

  • We create an environment that promotes learning and growth.
  • We are passionate about and driven by results.
  • Your progress is the cornerstone of our success as coaches.


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