Jim Talo, RKC

Human Motion Strength and Conditioning is a consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC, owned and operated by Carmen Bott, offering exercise programs and coaching to individuals and teams, enabling them to achieve peak physical performance.

Jim has an extensive background in individual and team sports. His endeavors have ranged from track and field to lacrosse and the martial art, aikido. However, it wasn’t until Jim suffered a spinal injury in 1993 where his appreciation for the human body and how it should optimally move and function became apparent. This injury shifted his attention to the method of kettlebell lifting and the teachings of some of the world’s best coaches. He began his search for knowledge on this niche sport and obtained his first kettlebell certification in 2004.

Since his first kettlebell certification with the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), Jim has explored further with six additional application certifications from the RKC, American Kettlebell Club and Agatsu. Jim continues to study the kettlebell’s application along with other complimentary modalities for sport and performance through workshops under the tutelage of Pavel Tsatsouline, Valery Federenko, Steve Cotter and Marty Farrel to only name a few. And he is is actively practicing his craft working with clients, conducting workshops and educating the public.

Jim’s coaching philosophy is one he shares with his students, clients and colleagues:

“My purpose is to create an awareness… to educate coaches and their athletes on the merits of kettlebell lifting both as a training protocol and as a sport…I am here to serve, and to instruct technique that is safe and highly effective.”

Jim can be reached at jim@humanmotion.com.