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Human Motion

What is Human Motion?

Founded by Veteran strength & conditioning coach, Carmen Bott, Human Motion is a place of collaboration of like-minded strength & conditioning coaches, sport scientists and rehabilitation professionals who are in the business of helping athletes achieve their physical performance goals.

Strength & Conditioning is now a fast-growing industry but long before this profession became mainstream, Carmen Bott was working hard in the trenches with amateur and professional athletes as well as traveling the globe to learn from some of the best.

Our culture is about Discipline and Commitment.  This is not our hobby; it is our profession.  We are serious about results. 

If reaching the highest level of physical potential is a top priority for you, please contact us.

If you are relentless in your pursuit of your personal best, please contact us.


Our services involve goal-setting, performance testing, movement screening, programming, collaboration with therapists, coaching all aspects of strength & conditioning and monitoring progress.  Our methodology is grounded in sport science.


We also offer WORKSHOPS for trainers, TELEPHONE or SKYPE appointments and ONLINE training prescription.


Meet the Team

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